Developing or co-developing two graduate courses:

  • Microfabrication and Thin Film Materials   (Syllabus)
    • I developed this course to offer graduate students a course in materials science, as well as learn the science and technology of microfabrication and thin film deposition so they could utilize the MATFab and MBE Facilities at the University of Iowa and beyond. This last time I introduced 2-3 "labs" for microfabrication. Eventually, I would like to develop the labs into a 1 credit extra for the course. 
  • Quantum Optics and Nanophotonics (Weekly Schedule)
    • I co-developed this course with Prof. Ravi Uppu in part as an advanced optics course, a follow on to introduction to optics, with focus on advanced photonic materials and the quantum properties of light. 

Some recent undergraduate courses I have taught

  • Introduction to Optics (Syllabus)
    • This is a very fun course with lots of cool demonstrations that develops an intuitive understanding of light, and is more applied than electromagnetics course.
  • Modern Physics (Syllabus)
    • This is a very important physics course that introduces students to quantum physics and special relativity.