Current PhD Students

Current Research Scientists

Current Undergraduates

  • Will Meiner
  • Stephon Berry

Past PhD Students

  • Katrina Schrock, PhD, 2023. Thesis: Mid-infrared LED Efficiency Enhancement via the Purcell Effect , W-Superlattices, and Metalenses
  • David Montealegre, PhD, 2022. Thesis: Integrating Efficient W-Superlattices and Cavities into Mid-Wave LEDs and VCSELs. Postdoctoral Scholar at Prof. Minjoo Larry Lee's group at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
  • Cassandra Bogh, PhD, 2021. Thesis: Ultrafast Pump-Probe Spectroscopic Investigations of Mid-IR Superlattices and Creation of Metamaterial Lenses for More Efficient LEDs. Postdoctoral Scholar at Mt. Holyoke College.
  • Xinxin Li, PhD, 2020. Thesis: Carrier Dynamics in III-V Compound Mid-Infrared Semiconductor Nanowires, Superlattices and Quaternaries. Postdoctoral Scholar at Argonne National Lab / University of Chicago
  • Kailing Zhang, PhD, 2020. Thesis: Molecular Beam Epitaxial Growth and Characterization of InAs Nanowires. Optoelectronics Engineer at Facebook.
  • Aaron Muhowski, PhD, 2019. Thesis: Exotic Superlattices and Efficiency Improvements for Next Generation Infrared Light Emitting Diodes. Postdoctoctoral Scholar in Prof. Dan Wasserman's group at University of Texas at Austin
  • Russell Ricker, PhD, 2017. Thesis: Advances in InAs/GaSb Type-II Superlattice Light-Emitting Diode Arrays. Systems engineer, Lockheed Martin, Waterford, Colorado.
  • Sydney Provence, PhD 2016. Thesis: Next Generation Mid-Wave Infrared Cascaded Light Emitting Diodes: Growth of Broadband, Multispectral, and Single Color Devices on GaAs and Integrated Circuits. MBE grower, Lasertel, Tucson, AZ
  • Asli Yildirim, PhD 2014. Thesis: Phase Separation and Defect Formation in Stable, Metastable, and Unstable GaInAsSb Alloys for Infrared Applications. Fabrication engineer, Compound Photonics, Phoenix AZ
  • Lee Murray, PhD 2012. Thesis: “Investigations into Molecular Beam Epitaxial Growth of InAs/GaSb Superlattices.” Postdoctoral position with Dr. Chris Richardson at Laboratory of Science/ECE Dept, University of Marlyland in College Park, MD
  • Murat Yildirim, PhD 2010.  Thesis:  “Slowing and Switching of Light in Semiconductor Quantum Wells.”  Postdoctoral Scholar at Prof. Kimberley Hall's group at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, Canada.
  • Wesley Johnston, PhD 2010.  Thesis:  “Nonlinear Optics in Bragg-Spaced Quantum Wells.”  Joined Digital Artefacts, Oakdale Campus, University of Iowa as technical staff.
  • Edwin Koerperick, PhD 2009.  Thesis:  “High Power Mid-Wave and Long-Wave Infrared Superlattice Light Emitting Diodes:  Device Growth and Applications.”  Joined ASL Analytical on UI Oakdale Campus as research staff

Past Research Engineers

  • Jaesun Lee (2019 - 2022)                 US Patent Office
  • Weitao Dai (2018 - 2022)                
  • Baek Kim (2017-18)                        Senior Research and Development Engineer at Nanophotonica, Inc., Gainesville, FL

Past Posdoctoral Students

  • Shahram Seyedmohamadi (2005-2008): Ferro, Inc. Electrical and Materials Systems, Research and Development 
  • Chuanshu Cao (2004-2005): Joined the Technical Staff, Lasertel Corp., Tucson, AZ 
  • Madhu Reddy (2003-2004): Joined the Technical Staff, Raytheon Corp., Goleta, CA 

Past Master's Students

  • Andrew Hudson, MS 2014. Thesis: A Comparison of 2-2.5 um Single Stage and Cascaded Light Emitting Diodes. Technical Staff, Aerospace Engineering, Los Angeles, CA
  • Ben Wootten, MS 2013. Thesis: “Superluminescent diodes at 2.4 microns from GaInAsSb/AlGaAsSb quantum well heterostructures for optical glucose sensing.” Software Developer
  • Jeff Yager MS 2007:  Thesis, “Quaternary cascaded LED and photodiode detector for glucose monitoring.” Completed masters, continued in a PhD program in Biomedical Engineering

Past Undergraduate Students

  • Matthew Nelson 2020. Project, "Quantum efficiency measurements in novel, midwave semiconductor superlattices." Enrolled in graduate school in Physics, University of Iowa.
  • Andrew Muellerleile 2018 Honor's Thesis: "EQE Measurements in Mid-Infrared Superlattice Structures." Enrolled in graduate school in Physics, University of Iowa.
  • Nicholas Rolston 2014 Honor's Thesis: “Fabrication and Characterization of Low Dimensional Nanostructures.” Research Awards: Goldwater Scholarship, Graduate NSF Fellow. Enrolled in graduate school in Applied Physics, Stanford University.
  • Maxwell Lassise 2014 Honor's Thesis: “Measuring Carrier Lifetimes in Semiconductor Nanowires.” Enrolled in graduate school, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Arizona State University with a four year fellowship.
  • Robert Null, 2009  Honor's Thesis, “Simulating diffractive losses in external laser cavities using the Fox-Li method.”  Enrolled in medical school at the University of Iowa.
  • Adam Heiniger, 2007. Honor's Thesis “Interface and control of a spatial light modulator for optical pulse shaping.”  Honors thesis, “Simulation of pulse propagation through resonant media.”  Enrolled in graduate school in the Institute for Optics, University of Rochester.  Research Awards: Goldwater Scholarship
  • Adam Wiederholt, 2006. Project, “Interface and control of a camera for monitoring epitaxial growth.” Enrolled in law school (patent law) at The University of Iowa. Research awards: Collegiate Scholar.
  • Tony Link, 2004.   Honor's Thesis, “Ultrafast pulse shaping.”  Enrolled in graduate school in physics, Ohio State University.